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Pregnancy Relaxation CD,
artist: Dana Schardt
Pregnancy Relaxation: A guide to peaceful beginnings. This 45 minute CD provides you with an easy way to practice basic relaxation techniques at yourself or with Dad/Coach helping. Selection 1 reviews breathing and includes a guided visualization of being at the beach. Selection 2 takes you through a Tense/Relax technique physical relaxation session. Both selections include relaxing background music with spoken guided imagery: positive affirmations of your baby and your pregnancy.
Imagery / Meditations for Labor / Birth Preparation
by Jennifer R. Bloome MS
Its best to try many different relaxation techniques so you can see what works best to help you relax. Then you'll have many methods to choose from during your labor and birth. This CD offers six different guided relaxation techniques. Topics include: White Light, Favorite Place, Progressive Muscle Relaxation (good overall physical relaxation technique to learn), and Color Imagery. She also includes two selections especially to be used late in pregnancy: Garden Imagery and Ocean Imagery. This CD offers a balance of both mental (distraction) and physical relaxation techniques.
Mozart for Mothers-to-Be
Everyone likes a little Mozart. This collection has standard versions of many Mozart favorites recorded by a well known orchestra. The important side effect of listening to this CD will be a general reduction of the stresses and commotions in your life. This should make your relaxation practice easier. The CD can again be pressed into service as your new baby enters their terrible twos and needs some quiet time.
Wrap Around Pillow
Finding a comfortable sleeping position gets challenging in pregnancy. If you normally slept on your back or stomach you need to adopt a new position during the later months of pregnancy. This wrap around body pillow will help keep you in a side lying position. It can also be used for relaxation practice because it allows all parts of your body to be supported...hence able to fully relax and let go. Having one large pillow instead of many smaller pillows is also more efficient (less pillows to pick up off the floor in the morning and possibly a bit more room in the bed for Dad).
Microwavable Body Warmer
by The Happy Company
Labor is an athletic event. Using heat (and cold) is a great comfort measure during pregnancy and your labor. Once you heat up one of these pads they will stay warm for a long time and can provide relief for Mothers experiencing back labor or cramps low in their pelvis along with or in between contractions. Never any cords or plugs to worry about. We've even used similar products to heat up a bed for a fussy child. They can snuggle with it and fall asleep without the typical worries you have with electric blankets and heating pads.
Birthing / Exercise Ball
Optimal fetal positioning can keep you comfortable late in pregnancy and during your labor. Sitting on a birthing ball keep the uterus forward and off your back. This keeps the baby's back to the front of the uterus. In this position, the baby will enter the birth canal with its soft squishy face against your sacrum (versus the hard back of their head). It's the best way for a pregnant Mother to sit during her pregnancy (just say NO to regular office chairs). In labor, sitting on the ball emulates a squatting position which opens your pelvis and allows you to relax your perineum. The ball can also be used for support when Mother is in an all-fours position or pelvic rocking.