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It's Potty Time (video)
Complete your video library. Follow the exciting story of Bobby's birthday party. At a critical moment the party guests need to use the potty and we can learn helpful tips in using the bathroom. We found that we just can't stop singing the rousing song "She's a Super Dooper Pooper" which is the grand musical end to the video.

Unfortunately our children did not develop any especially early potty training as a result of repeated viewings of the tape. But you will learn the song, which on balance makes this video a great purchase.

Gentle Birth Choices (video)
I used this video extensively in my childbirth classes. Women are shown birthing in a variety of positions, including water birth, in both birth center and home settings. This video promotes the use of birthing centers and contains comments from experts in the field (i.e. Michael Odent).

Each couple is shown during various stages of their labor. Couples also comment on their birth experiences. This reasonably priced video gives you a number of views of the miracle of birth.

What do we do Now (video)
Hospitals often give their patients this video for instruction in baby care. You can get a good deal by buying a used or surplus video for a few dollars with shipping.

The video covers everything from diapering, to cord care, to burping, baths, etc. There are also sections on breastfeeding and postpartum care for Mom. Also included is a handy counter reference to easily find any specific section you'd like to view on the tape.

Nova - The Miracle of Life (dvd)
This video can be helpful to all expectant parents. Lots of info on pregnancy, labor and birth.